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Limit Lines with Baby Botox®

19th February 2019

Limit Lines with Baby Botox®

If you have been mulling over the options available to you to ensure you head into the New Year refreshed, why not consider ‘Baby Botox®’? Also referred to as ‘mini’ or ‘micro’ Botox®, Baby Botox® is a version of the traditional treatment increasing in popularity, as aesthetics shifts towards a demand for procedures that allow subtle revitalisation, as opposed to the removal of deeper lines and wrinkles.


What does Baby Botox® involve?

For a successful Baby Botox® procedure, a low volume of Botox®, the original brand of the powerful protein botulinum toxin, is injected into targeted areas of the face to smooth mild lines and wrinkles, for the delivery of a more natural and bespoke appearance.

Through Baby Botox®, clients can enjoy delicate enhancement, with less risk of their features appearing ‘frozen’, due to this lower volume of Botox® administered across fewer injection sites with more distance between them, and the retention of muscle movement. If the results with a lower volume – which tend to last up to one month – are not as intense as desired, clients can simply work up to the full dose until they are satisfied with the outcome.


The Ideal Candidate

As with the traditional Botox® procedure, Baby Botox® is not suitable for everyone, either due to personal factors that come into play, or the results desired by the client. This suitability will be established during a tailored consultation with Dr Nishi Dhuna here at Wentworth Aesthetics, where you can work to find the best method for rejuvenating your skin, and addressing your concerns.

Where suitable, Baby Botox® is utilised to treat a variety of concerns, most often focusing on treating moderate forehead lines, ‘crow’s feet’ at the outer corners of the eyes, or ‘number 11’ frown lines between the eyebrows. It is considered best suited to clients who are new to aesthetics treatments – or Botox®, in particular – or those seeking a delicate approach to enhance their appearance with the erasure of fine lines without compromising on their muscle movement. It is also increasingly in prominence amongst younger people in their late twenties experiencing premature signs of ageing, or seeking a preventative approach through the manipulation of the muscles that cause wrinkles, instead of more intensive correction later down the line. It is considered best for those who are happy to return for repeat procedures at a more frequent rate than with traditional Botox® – Baby Botox® can be administered monthly for best results, whereas full-dose injections can last three to six months.


What Next?

To find out more about Botox® and the other exclusive treatments available with Dr Nishi Dhuna, please feel free to get in touch with the team here at Wentworth Aesthetics in Sunningdale, by calling us on: 01344 985145, or emailing us at: info@wentworthaesthetics.com. Be sure to follow our social accounts – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – so you can be the first to know about our future promotions, new treatments, and clinic news!